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I think some of the greatest novels ever written have never been published, primarily because some highly talented fiction authors are lousy query letter writers and they’re never taken seriously by agents and/or publishers.

I'm reading a New York Times Best-Seller that's filled with so many sentence fragments and incomplete sentences that it's difficult to read. I don't believe that throwing words at pages to see what sticks is really writing. Is it just me or do any of you also see this as a problem in current fict...

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Avoid allowing one character's dialogue to run on and on, paragraph after paragraph, without interruption. It's like trying to have a conversation with someone who won't shut up.

I'm seeing far too much overwriting in the books I'm reading.

Why can't best-selling authors just tell a good story rather than upping the word count with extraneous detail?

Don't be upset by criticism of your book. Remember that no one can please everyone, not even Stephen King.

Just as you can't become a lawyer by completing a one-day seminar, you can't realistically expect to gain all of the knowledge and experience to produce a marketable manuscript from one source alone. Be on the lookout for multiple educational opportunities.

When it comes to fiction, failure is important. It's boring when a character succeeds at the first attempt. Characters should be challenged.

The overwhelming majority of new writers create manuscripts that satisfy their own self interests without regard to what publishers actually want to buy.

Know your characters intimately and care for them.

When I finished my first novel, I felt as if I had lost friends since I wouldn't be involved with them anymore.


3 years ago
- Wade G

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